Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Empty Spaces

This weekend wasn't the best. Not only did I have to move out of my apartment, but I moved back into my parents' house that flooded Friday night. Needless to say, it was a big furniture moving weekend. I'm pretty useless in that area, (I'm not exactly a body builder) so I needed a lot of help. I hate asking for help, but there are times when you have to suck it up and ask. I realized that asking someone to help you move is a lot like asking someone to Prom (I went to an all-girls high school so I asked my Prom date). Here's why:

1. If you are single, it's a big reminder that you're single. A boyfriend has to help you move, that's just how it is. Is it bad that if I knew I was moving I would hold off breaking up with someone? I know people did that for Prom.
2. As a girl, it makes you feel inadequate. You feel so reliant on boys. Their willingness to participate will make or break the experience.
3. You know that he doesn't really want to, but will feel guilty if he says no. No one wants to do it. They know you need them to do it, so the good ones will accept your offer with a smile, but secretly wish they never met you.

And move-out day is a lot like Prom night...

1. Right before, you wish that you worked out more. Whether posing for pictures or moving a TV, it would always be more enjoyable if you were in better shape.
2. There's always that one girl who just sits in the corner and doesn't participate. This is always me.
3. You're ready for it to be over. I hate this so much.
4. You're in pain the next day. A hangover is always worse than sore muscles, but time is the only thing that cures both.

I had a very small bedroom.

Our attempt to save our bookcases in my basement (doesn't it look like a modern art sculpture?). My house stinks, no hot water (still), I miss home. 

Thank you to everyone who helped me move!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Apples and Oranges

It’s somewhat pointless to compare New York to Chicago. It’s like comparing apples and oranges, or rather, apples and onions.

I'm from the Chicagoland area (aka the suburbs) and I’m currently live in the city, so obviously I’m bias when it comes to comparing these two toddlin’ towns. But as someone who really doesn’t know where she will end up geographically (or mentally) in the future, it’s good to think about what I like and what I don’t like about different cities.

I spent this past weekend in New York City, and I’ve got to say that I love New York.  This weekend was full of many “New York Miracles” such as running into a high school friend at the Met, watching the tiny sailboats in Central Park, not getting kicked out of Bergdorf Goodman, and not getting [seriously] lost (thanks to my many brochures, iPhone, and keen sense of direction).

Although I do love New York, and had an amazing time this weekend, I was a fish out of water. It's very different from home. It's a lot bigger, a lot faster, and there's a lot more going on. I decided to compare the two cities in a face-off competition. It's the best rivalry since Britney and Christina.

Round 1: Transportation

Both cities are pretty darn easy to get around. Both have done a great job with public transportation. Since I was in NYC this past October, I already figured out how the subway (MTA) works, and I have to say it is better than Chicago's El (though it is dirtier, but more on that later). The MTA comes more frequently and just seems a lot faster. Getting across Manhattan can be a pain, but cabs aren't too expensive. However, in Chicago, I basically just walk outside my door and I'm instantly solicited by cabs. In New York, you kind of have to work for it. Let's just say my feelings got hurt more than once. Still, this round goes to New York. I mean most of the streets are numbered, that makes things a heck of a lot easier.
Winner: NYC

Round 2: Pizza

People complain that they don't like deep dish because it's not easy to eat. Hello? What is easier than eating food with a knife and fork. I love a New York slice, but Chicago's pizza takes the "pie" in my opinion.
Winner: CHI

Round 3: Cleanliness

I mean, come on. That's disgusting.
Winner: CHI

Round 4: Parks

I just love a good park. Chicago has some great ones: Grant, Lincoln, Millennium. Who doesn't love a giant jelly bean? Both times I went to New York this year I spent a lot of time in Central Park. I love it! I spent a lot of time at the boat pond this trip, it was adorable, all me and my sister could think about was Stuart Little. It's just really cool that Central Park has been able to stay so nice and big! Clear winner.
Winner: NYC

Round 5: Rap

Clear winner.
Winner: CHI

Round 6: Diversity

American cities always seem to be diverse, but New York and Chicago are diverse in different ways. Chicago is extremely segregated, while New York seems to encourage more mingling. I do like Chicago neighborhood identity, but I do think the Big Apple promotes more diversity.
Winner: NYC

Round 7: Dudes
New York guys are better dressers and and have more interesting stories, but I think Chicago guys are funnier and more endearing. Plus in NY, there's just too many of them to choose from. 
Winner: CHI

Round 8: Important Stuff

Let's face it, New York is the center of the universe. Insurance wise, I think there's more valuable and important "stuff" in New York. Though Chicago has better architecture and cooler residents of the past, present, and future, New York has a monopoly over the best collection of important stuff. 
Winner: NYC

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Country Song

This post will probably offend anyone from California, much like how my skin tone, obsession with Laguna Beach, and inability to form successful carpools must offend anyone from California. 

This holiday weekend, I took a mini-getaway with the folks to the "Napa Valley of the Midwest." That's another name for Lake Michigan Shore Wine Country. Who knew that lake effect snow insulated vines so that grapes could grow? Okay, so the wine I tried may not have been as good as what I might taste in the real Napa or Sonoma. But it's a lot of fun tasting wine right where its made. 

There were about twelve vineyards in the area and we made our way to four of them. A lot of vineyards/wineries had free tasting, which was awesome. I'm a bit of a wino, but no snob. I'll seriously try anything, which in Michigan included Cranberry Wine and Apple Demi Sec--both of which were actually disgusting. But hey, at least I tried a variety, unlike my Dad who when given the choice just tries different years of the same Cabernet Sauvignon.

I broke a lot of my personal wine rules this weekend, and it really made me feel like I was on vacation:

Rule #1: Don't drink red wine in public- I don't know if my teeth, lips, and tongue are just more prone to turning purple than most people's, or if I sip (or rather slurp) wine the wrong way. I don't know, but every time I drink red wine you can tell, like seriously tell. It was so embarrassing I chose to only enjoy my Cab and Syrah in the privacy of my own home. Let's face it, usually when I drink wine it is by myself at home. But this weekend I broke my "no drinking red wine in public" rule. I decided that Michigan isn't really  public. By the end of the day, I looked like I either had a bit too much purple drank, or made out with Barney the dinosaur. 

Rule #2: No Merlot-  "I am NOT drinking any ****ing Merlot." Actually, the Merlot I tried was very good. And fun fact, the infamous line from Sideways actually altered the American wine market.

Rule #3: Only wear white if you're drinking white- You betcha by the end of the day I had a great red wine stain down my white dress. Did I fret? Heck no, it added to my look. When life gives you grapes, make wine. I decided that if I can't get the stain out, I'm going to tie-dye the entire dress. It might make a good blog post.

Taken just a few minutes before red wine was spilled all over it...

Friday, July 1, 2011


Apparently today there is a partial solar eclipse. I have no idea what this means. Is this one of those days you aren't supposed to look directly at the sun? Are you ever supposed to look directly at the sun? I get really into trying to see cosmic phenomenons. I definitely remember seeing the Hale Bopp Comet when I was like nine. You bet I'll try to see it again... sometime in the year 4397.

A few weeks ago, according to Twitter and the Google search page, there was a total lunar eclipse. Unfortunately, I don't think it was visible in the U.S., and even if it were, I doubt I would have been able to see it in the city. I am definitely one of those city people who freaks out whenever they leave the city and can see stars. I didn't even think shooting stars really existed until I went to college and met people who have actually seen them. I hope to be one of those people one day!

In keeping with an astronomy/astrology theme, I've decided to give you some homemade horoscopes! I was very close to applying for a horoscope-writing job recently but didn't because I knew nothing about astrology. It's a shame I got cold feet because I now think astrology is about having a gift, and obviously I have that gift.

Sorry if your sign is not up yet, I promise to add a part 2 soon!

Aries: March 21-April 19
You will soon discover a talent that you never knew you possessed. Around the 15th of this month, this new talent will lead you to an opportunity to meet Oprah Winfrey. You guys just don't hit it off. Your talent is useless. Keep on truckin'. 

Taurus: April 20-May 20
You are a steadfast and loyal individual. This month you will achieve great success and fortune. You will meet a gorge bass guitar player at a dark bar with long flowing locks and a British accent. He will ask you to move into his luxury apartment rent-free so that you won’t have to move back in with your parents come August. A Hollywood studio exec will discover your blog an offer you a job writing for a sexy soap opera chock full of family drama and lewd acts. Keep on rockin’ in the free world.

Gemini: May 21-June 20
I'm just going to be brutally honest. This month may suck for you. I see you are getting married this month. It will rain on your wedding day. You will win a free ride on a luxury jet to your Honey Moon, but you already paid for the tickets, and they were non-refundable tickets. Your mother will give you some great advice on why you shouldn't marry your future spouse. But you just won't take it. Who would have thought? It figures. Keep holding on. 

Cancer: June 21-July 22
You will meet your future spouse month, probably on the 22nd and probably at a Taco Bell. Unfortunately, you won't get his/her name and/or phone number because you have no game. You will spend the next seven years obsessing over this person, and will eat at that Taco Bell every day in hopes of seeing him/her again. You will meet again and fall in love. But the Taco Bell will give you high cholesterol and make you fat. Keep bleeding love.

Leo: July 23- August 22
You need to chill out. Your confidence will be tested soon when things don't go exactly the way you planned. There is a 16% chance that you will either fart, belch, or get the hiccups at a very embarrassing time at some point during the next month. Fear not, it only adds to your charm. Keep on dancing till the world ends.

Virgo: August 23- September 22
You will run into a bit of luck this month when you are hit by a car when riding your bike outside of a bank. The driver, a man who is in a bit of legal trouble, panics when he hits you and gives you a blank signed check before leaving the scene. You write yourself a check for $1,000,000 on your Apple Macintosh Performa 600 computer. You get the money and buy a small castle, but you are also the subject of an FBI investigation. Keep calm and carry on.

Anyone want to guess my sign?