Monday, December 26, 2011

The Merry Xmas Song

Merry Christmas!!!!

Since I found out this year that I am allergic to real Christmas trees, and since I love to read, my parents surprised me by making me a Christmas tree made out of books!

The top four books actually came off my Amazon wish list! Best gift ever! Though I also appreciated the Kindle. Kind of ironic, right? Thanks Mom and Dad!

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Today is a sad day. I dread this day every year. It's the end of Movember, or No Shave November, the time of the year when more boys than usually have facial hair. I really dig it.


Anyways, I think you all looked really great this year. I just regret not telling you all when I had the chance...

There's always next year.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Come in Number 51, Your Time is Up

Guess what? I wrote a novel!

I'm a NaNoWriMo winner! I wrote a 50,000 (mine turned out to be 50,105 words) word novel in one month.

I'm pretty excited that I finished with one day to spare! It was a really fun experience and I definitely plan on doing it again next year.

I think it's funny when people ask me if they can read my novel. Do you really want to read a novel that was written in one month? It's basically illegible, but it was a really good experience for me as an aspiring writer. This month made me realize that my best ideas come to me when I'm not worrying about grammar or editing. I'm most creative with my writing when I'm not thinking about anyone but myself reading it.

So now I'm off to edit my novel...just after I order my winner's t-shirt.

Also, I  hate to admit this, but I just cannot come up with a title for my novel. Which do you think I should choose? I know, it's kind of hard when you don't really know what it's about, but here are the choices...

a. The Platonic Verses
b. A Coupla White Chicks Sitting Around Talking
c. American Studies

I know, they're all so good.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bidding My Time

What I've got: 129 pages, 39,086 words written.

What I need: 50,000 words. So I need to write 10,914 words in 4 days to be a NaNoWriMo winner.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Heart Beat, Pig Meat

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I'm actually working today until 2:00 pm. After work  I'm heading straight to the suburbs for some family fun. Some people may think it's strange that I chose to work when I didn't have to, but I'd much rather be here than in the kitchen. I'm not a good cook, and I am really grossed out by the word gizzard.

Even though I'm not a cook. These are a few reasons why I love Thanksgiving:

It makes me feel special because I'm a Mayflower descendant. Can you see the family resemblance?
He was the barrel maker for the Mayflower. Without him, there would be no beer. Awesome!

I can wear moccasins all day and not feel like a bum, but just feel festive and in theme!

This Norman Rockwell Disney spoof that has been in my kitchen for years finally doesn't seem random:
When my sisters and I were little, we all chose character that represented us. I got stuck with Dopey.     

 I can give thanks for all the amazing people and wonderful things in my life without sounding really cheesy.
My  friends and I were the only ones who showed up to this bar crawl in costumes. It was great!  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Corporal Clegg

My novel for NaNoWriMo is now 17,135 words (about 56 pages) long! I need to get to 50,000 words by the end of the month, so those of you who can do math know that I'm a little behind... But there ain't no way I'm quitting! The experience so far has been a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I thought I would have to put my social life on hold and have to Tivo all the Real Housewives episodes all month. But I'm happy to report that I haven't missed out on good TV, bar trivia, or any other opportunities to drink beer. I think it only helps my novel writing.

Not going to lie, I thought it would be really cool to be all like, "Oh sorry, I can't go out tonight. I have to work on my novel." Hopefully since I'm so behind I'll have an opportunity to throw out that line later on this month. I'm actually behind because last weekend I was in Washington D.C. for the Notre Dame vs. Maryland game.

I didn't get to see too much of my nation's Capital, but my Mom had already dragged me to every tourist site in D.C. when I was younger so I didn't mind. People probably think that as an American Studies major, I would go gaga over this stuff. I do think a lot of it is interesting, but as the results of this political quiz I just took say, I probably consider myself "to be a citizen of Earth first rather than a citizen of [my] country."

Kind of sounds like a no brainer to me. We are the world. Next stop Dublin 2012 for the Navy game!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Candy and a Currant Bun

Happy Halloween!!!!

I love costumes, so naturally I love halloween. This weekend I dressed up like a beanie babie:

In honor of the holiday, I thought I'd share a collage of my favorite costumes:

Also, I kan't get over the fakt that Kim and Kris are getting divorked. Who saw that koming?

Happy Halloween!!!!